The Front Porch

There was a time–you may even remember it–when most homes had a front porch. It was a pleasant place where people gathered to enjoy life. Adults spent time rocking, telling stories and watching children play in the front yard. Maybe someone grabbed a guitar played a gospel song so everyone could sing along. Work days were longer and harder but there were fewer distractions. People took the time and made the time to be with those who meant the most in their lives. Times have changed. Be sure to make time for the people who really matter in your life.


The Screen Door

Have you heard people say, “Just come on over” or “Stop by” or “Let’s spend some time together”? The screen door may be closed but with an open front door, you know to come on in. You are in a place where friends and family gather to talk things out or to get help. Jesus is there for us. His door is open. Just come through the screen door and let Him heal the hurt. “When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying hands on each one, He healed them.” Luke 4:40


Mason Jars

We all knew a kid who could blow huge Bazooka Joe bubbles or who could take the soap covered ring out of the bottle and blow a monster bubble that floated through the air. Bubbles can be fun, but as adults we must be very careful about bubbles–the ones we live in. Living in bubbles is natural for human beings. We engage with people who generally look like us and think like us. We look for comfortable, convenient and self-affirming situations. Ultimately, we allow the walls of our bubble to keep us inside and those who need to know the good news of Jesus on the outside.


Lightning Bugs

Many of us at one time or another have wandered far from home, far from our father and far from our true calling. We recklessly pursued the pleasures of this world. But when the emptiness of it all sinks in, we find ourselves completely alone at the end of a dead–end street. Without options, we swallow our pride and prepare our hearts to go back to our Father’s house. Our heavenly Father’s love for us is beyond measure. When we are far from home, He eagerly awaits and longs for our return. And while we are still far from His doorstep, He rushes across the lawn to meet us, embrace us and walk with us the rest of the way home.